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What is Heart Wall Release?

A Heart Wall is an energetic barrier that surrounds the heart. This barrier is developed to protect the heart and is built from emotional wounds or traumatic experiences of the past. It can block the flow of positive energy and prevent a person from fully opening up and connecting with others. Heart walls can keep us closed off from the world, never truly sharing who we are and our creative abilities. It may block us from developing loving relationships in our life. Emotion Code can help identify and release the emotional blocks that have created the heart wall, allowing the heart to be more open and receptive to love and connection.

It’s worth noting that not everyone is ready or able to release their heart wall. This process can be deeply personal and impactful, and it should only be pursued at a pace that feels comfortable for the client’s subconscious mind.


What is Heart Wall Release?

  • 4 – 1 – hour sessions
  • 4 – 30 min sessions
  • Flexibility to suit the client’s needs
  • Support throughout this process


"Sheena has given me so much through hypnotherapy and being so approachable, I easily opened up to her! I feel that through hypnosis I dealt with issues that were so deep and it has changed me and made me stronger, through my own eyes!

I have already recommended my teenage daughter and I would recommend this to others, for sure!"

Michelle Garel

"Sheena is an amazing guide that helped me navigate my way through past trauma. I had one session and the amount of healing that was able to happen was incredible. With the session I was able to pinpoint moments in my past that I was holding onto with negative effects and with being guided I was able to fully heal from the moments I had no clue were hurting me so much. This is completely a situation where the more you allow yourself to let go the more you get out of the experience."

Kirk Armitage

"Both my husband and I tried hypnosis for the very first time and we were blown away by how amazing of an experience it was! I came away from my appointment feeling light, unburdened and for the first time in my life, free. It has been life-changing. My husband no longer smokes. He has struggled for more than 2 decades to quit and says now it’s like he has forgotten he was ever a Smoker. I am forever grateful to Sheena for this powerful experience. Book the appointment, you won’t regret it!"

Sara-Jayne Dempster

"What an amazing experience! Sheena created a safe and comfortable atmosphere for me. I highly recommend her !!"

Liz Schaerf

"I have done work with Sheena several times and it’s always been consistent, effective and wonderful . We have done heart wall work which takes time but it’s extremely rewarding and worth the time and effort. Extremely professional and kind hearted person to work with highly recommended!!"

Kalilla Archer

"Looking back on the year I just want to thank you for making a huge impact on my life. I really appreciate it and wanted to thank you again."

Patti Harrison

"Sheena is a wonderful friend, guide and person. Her methods of helping heal and repair physical and mental trauma are incredible. Whether it’s a formal or informal session, I leave our interactions feeling positive, peaceful and empowered. Thanks, Sheena ❤️"

Audrey Cheung

"Where do I even begin?! Sheena has changed my life! As an athlete, I was plagued with physical injuries, until I realized they were all trapped emotions. I also live on my own, and can't afford expensive practitioners. She makes true healing accessible, and will absolutely BLOW you away! I've become a friend of myself again, my body has healed, I feel lighter again! If you don't know where to turn, turn inwards and let Sheena get you there. She's extremely knowledgeable, professional, and a true expert at empowering YOU."

Keely Vaudrie

"Sheena is wonderful!
I booked with her because I had self-image issues. And I believe I have gotten a lot just from one session. I am already noticing changes in my self-perception. I also sense that I am more harmonious now.
Thus, if anyone is looking for hypnotherapy service in the Durham area I highly recommend her."

Danait Kahsay Bariagabir

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